May the Peace of Christ be With You

Are you looking for a welcoming, inclusive church that encourages you to explore your faith and challenge old assumptions in a safe, accepting, casual atmosphere? Are you looking for a message that inspires and encourages you to think? Do you enjoy choir music? If so, why not try us on for size one Sunday? We are fortunate to have a remarkable minister, a talented 4-part choir and director, and an exceptional accompanist. We are a community of nice, friendly people who would like to get to know you when you're ready. We hope you'll visit us one Sunday soon and perhaps stay for conversation and fellowship over a hot or cold beverage and snack after the service.

Deer Lake United Church
welcomes you into a Christian community for all ages
that explores and expresses spirituality through:
Worship & Music | Fun & Fellowship
Caring & Outreach | Involvement & Growth

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  Worship with us each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

  5135 Sperling Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5E 2T2

  Phone 604-299-4211  Email office@dluc.ca or minister@dluc.ca

A recently received email

This email is to thank some of your congregation members, and church secretary, for “sharing in communion” with me about 2 months ago.

I was struggling with stress related to illness of a family member, so much so that I had to leave work unexpectedly.  I felt I was losing my faith at this time of crisis and telephoned Pam, hoping she could take time to meet for support. She was working at your church that day and invited me to join the group that was folding bulletins.

When I arrived, the bulletins were finished but the group was enjoying coffee together and they welcomed me unquestioningly.  We spend a good hour talking and actually laughing about happy memories.  It was a welcome relief from the stress I was experiencing.

During the discussion, I remember looking around the table and thinking to myself, “This is just what I needed.  These are good people, welcoming and accepting me with no questions asked.  This is what faith is all about.”

Home made baking was shared with the coffee, and as I tasted the freshly baked cinnamon bun I felt I had received a huge, warm hug.  You will never know how much this meant to me.

Thank you for your kindness in welcoming me to join your table.  It was a wonderful example of sharing Christ’s love with others.



Rental Space Available

Looking for rental Space?
We have rental space available. Please call 604-299-4211 for information.

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